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KoFID (Korea Civil Society Forum on International Development Cooperation) is a Korean network of civil society organisations to promote effective aid and development cooperation. KOFID works to strengthen capability of Korean civil society by monitoring Korean government’s ODA(Official Development Assistance) policy and advise aid and development policies based on universal values. Furthermore, to collect the opinion of civil societies, KOFID provides regular session for communication and cooperation. At the same time, KOFID works as a steering organisation of BetterAid and Open Forum for CSO development Effectiveness.

KoFID was established on 29th of September, 2010 by consultation among leading Korean civil society organizations. It has played as local organizing committee for the Global Civil Society Forum at the OECD 4th High-level Forum on Aid Effectiveness(HLF-4 Global Civil Society Forum).


KoFID is working as an organisation committee for Busan Global Civil Society Forum, which will be held on 26-28th November, just before Busan OECD DAC HLF-4.