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2011-11-26 10:38|조회수 : 1,805




Busan Global Civil Society Forum

부산 세계시민사회포럼


Opening Ceremony

26, November, 2011




Opening Remarks


Chang-shik LEE (Co-representative of KoFID, KCOC)

- page 1 (In English), page 3 (In Korean)



Welcome Remarks


Hyun-back CHUNG (Co-representative of KoFID, PSPD)

- page 5 (In Korean)


Antonio TUJAN Jr. (Co-Chair of BetterAid) - page 6 (In English)



Solidarity Remarks


Dongman KIM (Vice President of FKTU)

- page 8 (In Korean)



Congratulatory Remarks


Tae-yul CHO (Ambassador for Development Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Korea) - page 10 (In English), page 14 (In Korean)